Contact / Bookings 2023

The Queen’s Revenge are responsive to your emails, unless currently in the Dungeon.

The Queen’s Revenge, a Band of Pirates, are BOOKING LIVE PIRATE ROCK SHOWS RIGHT NOW ALL OVER 2023. Send us a Message in the Bottle Below to schedule a scintillating spectacle of Original Pirate Rock with a smattering of Pirated Cover Songs featuring:

The Dreaded Captain Sugarbeard Pirate Vocals (BORAX, Tsars, Lambinator)
Salty Jack Spracklin Pirate Guitar (BORAX, Juice, Third Rail)
Merchant Seaman Mike O’Verbord Pirate Bass (The Biscuit Merchant, Kerplunks)
Long Lowe Tyde Pirate Drums (Bobgoblin, Adventures of Jet, The Rocket Summer)

Here’s a few Ruff Takes for Demonstrative Porpoises, ye Swab:
Eyepatch (original QR Tune)
The Siren’s Call (original QR Tune)
Brandy (you’re a fine girl) Looking Glass, 1972

Get in Touch

1. Find our secret Pirate Island, AKA Pirate Rock
2. send us a Message in a Bottle>
3. Carrier Parrot
Pirates don’t have Phones: except Microphones

Message in a Bottle

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