Don’t Disturb the Captain

Please don’t disturb the Captain As he takes his blessed nap On his golden bed, that’s wrapped in Velvet curtains. Take this map! Plot our ship a fruitful course Through rough and rocky seas! Furthermore, some other chores: Hoist the mainsail, please! c: Please-Don’t disturb the CaptainThe Captain’s awful roughHe can’t be more disturbedHe’s beenContinue reading “Don’t Disturb the Captain”

The Cap’n’s Wafers

Well,Yer sure to be a damn sight saferIf ye keep yer hooks off theCap’n’s Wafers… But thirsty pirates cry to savorRum with crumbs ofCap’n’s Wafers “Ye saucy wench, go fetch the tray ferGrog to wash downCap’n’s Wafers!” Fer that booty, pirates gave herLooted loads ofCap’n’s Wafers Buccaneers arr even braveSwashbuckling underCap’n’s Wafers Mutineers arr soldContinue reading “The Cap’n’s Wafers”

The Pirate’s Relent

“Avast ye, me hearties! A ship to starboard!And she’s loaded with spices and silk!”“Do you think they have cream?” A pirate implored;“I prefer cream in tea, over milk.”The mate and the swabs chewed upon their hard tackWith cutlasses sharpened, and knives:(Though some of them knitted , and some played with jacks,And some wrote sweet poemsContinue reading “The Pirate’s Relent”

Captain Sugarbeard

I’ve sailed hot seas of chocolate,The bane of lolly-boats,The truffle-barges yield their freight(So they can better float)!I’m maple syruptitiousWhen the waffle ferries pass:They’re ambushed, then deliciousWhen I ravage them at last!c:The dreaded Captain Sugarbeard!The scourge of seven sweets!The bonbon Barons quake in fearAt thoughts of ravished fleets!The dreaded Captain Sugarbeard!The ravening Corsair!Your nougats shall beContinue reading “Captain Sugarbeard”