November 2 at Dreamland: POP UP PIRATES

 Head to the Dreamland Theater for a performance of live Pirate Rock! The Queen’s Revenge will play an hour of PiRock(tm) starting at 8 PM- Doors at 7, Wednesday November 2!! A Pirate Raid of Original Pirate Tunes and maybe a Pirated cover song or 2  ..with a featured exhibition of selected Arrcane Arrt andContinue reading “November 2 at Dreamland: POP UP PIRATES”

June 30,2022: LIVE PIRACY IN THE STREETS of Saline, MI

AR! Beware, ye Swabs. The Queen’s Revenge will ravage LIVE through Downtown Saline’s Salty Summer Sounds Event on Thursday June 30, 2022, From 7:00-900 PM. LIVE REAL ROCK PIRATES!ARR! The Queen’s Revenge features The Dreaded Captain Sugarbeard on Vox Cerulean Cholmondeley (pronounced: Chumley) Jäänsen on Gtr Count Lowe Tyde on Drum and The Honorable JustinContinue reading “June 30,2022: LIVE PIRACY IN THE STREETS of Saline, MI”

The Siren’s Call

She hears her ocean callIt echoes in her shell-like earsAnd she casts one more glance at meAnd casts herself into the seaShe’s in Poseidon’s thrallHis rolling waves engulf the tearsShe’s weeping as she sings to meAnd pulls me down into the sea She comes for me each nightDown on the lonely shoreOne of Triton’s daughtersSheContinue reading “The Siren’s Call”

The Pirate’s Valentine

My ship was at anchor, her carriage was stuck,As the plague and the storm racked the worldThough safe from the lightning I was thunderstruckBy the grace and the light from this girlThe shelter was brutal, a tavern so lowThat the rats had all left it to miceOn Valentine’s Night with the fire aglow,We were there,Continue reading “The Pirate’s Valentine”