UNBROKE: yet another Pirate Rock Lyric by Sugarbeard

They’ve hung me and strung me in gibbets and chains
They’ve nailed me and jailed me in dungeons and drains
They’ve burned me and spurned me with exile and censure
But firstly they cursed me to live this adventure

They’ve slashed me and lashed me with the cat o’ nine tails
They’ve stripped me and whipped me and fed me to whales
They’ve slugged me and drugged me with stuff that I drank
I’ve been bled and beheaded and walked out the plank

But I’m fast and I stand
And I bow to no man
I’m a fistful of water
I burn ever hotter
I thrive on the lashes
I rise from the ashes
I’m subtle as smoke
And forever unbroke

I ignore them and gore them and cut them with wit
I shock them and clock them and never do quit
I flee them to free them for other pursuits
I’ll bail without fail and with no parachute

I gleam and I’m steam and I’m fog, I’m the dark
Their attacks and their racks leave no meaningful mark
I choose just to lose them, I take them in stride
Exhausted, they lost it, I’ve sailed with the tide.


I’ve lifted and shifted their assets and treasures
I’ve ripped off and shipped off to follow my pleasure
Distracted, they lacked the attention to notice
I’ve purloined their coin and I’ve eaten their lotus

I’ve stolen their purse and the nurse and the maid
I’m wearing their shoes and their noose and got laid
And they can’t find their pants or a roach left to toke
I’m a tease, I’m the breeze, I’m just fucking unbroke


Pirate Rock: A New Pirate Rock Song called Pirate Rock

If you’re lost and cast away
Washed up like a broken shell
Choose a Pirate Sobriquet
Please don’t bring the Zinfandel.
Meet me out at Pirate Rock
I’ll be there just after dark
Sail South from the City Docks
Follow all the other sharks

Join us out at Pirate Rock-
If you pass the killer whale
Try to charm the giant Oc
Topus that waves her tent
Acles, if you’re true she’ll let you through
But below the Wat’ry bones
Of false and venal fakers whom
She’s introduced to Davy Jones.

Pirate Rock: The tide that pulls
Rising from a sea so cold
Four volcanic rocky skulls
Howling cliffs with toothy shoals
Please ignore the beacon light
It’s a a trap for enemies
Seek the cave that’s black as night
Sail on in and bring some cheese

Tack to starboard then to port
There’s a hidden crater bay
It’s a Pirate’s last resort
Drop your anchor, straightaway
Meet me out at Pirate Rock
I’ll be there just after dark
Really, I’m here ’round the clock
Ever since I disembarked.

We stole this Rock for you
We did it for a reason
It’s what we wanna do
Revolt in blessed treason
Cast off the chains of caste
To thine own self be true
And welcome home at last
This Pirate Rock’s for you


At the Blind Pig Ann Arbor on 4/26/2023!

At the Lager House in Detroit on 5/9/2023!


Don’t Disturb the Captain, an Original Pirate Rock Song by Sugarbeard & Salty Jack Spracklin, performed by The Queen’s Revenge, featuring Long Lowe Tyde and Mike O’Verbord, as recorded by Michael Russell in Winter 2023. Video by Sugarbeard, who is totally trained as a professional producer of videos

Piracy at the LAGER HOUSE DETROIT 5/9

The QR will be at the Lager House in Historic Corktown, Detroit on May NINE 2023. AND YOU WILL BE THERE. Opportunities are limited for you to achieve this kind of enjoyment. Live your life ’til you’re dead, Swab. It might be $10. You can afford it. You need to get out more.

It’s just a Tuesday Night for us Rock Pirates, and this one features our friends Freedom from Concern providing a set of astounding postpunk excellence, and plus which Psychedelic Power Duo The Aromas, bracketing our Pirate Set of Original Pirate Rock (with several pirated cover songs).

The Lager House is located at 1254 Michigan Avenue in Detroit- just up the street from The Mercury Bar and Slows, and the marvelous boho boutique Eldorado .

The Lager house was founded in 1623, when Ma O’Spongiform opened the bar as a cover for the infamous Blue Cummerbund Gang. Ghosts are said to haunt the stage, including the spectre of Albert E. Cobo, Former Mayor of Detroit, lost and searching plaintively for his Hall.

We’ll see you there, or we’ll clap you in irons and see you walk the plank.

The Black Spot

I did as was granted by letter of marque
Now there’s never no rest for this tired old shark
Every sin in my past is a rock in my sack
And I carry it thus, and it’s breaking my back.

I took off to roam and I’ve traveled the world
I’m looking for home and my one true girl
But harbor to harbor they’ll harbor me not
I’m sent back to sea like some damned Argonaut

I keep my head low and my shoulder to wheel
In hopes I can shake off the dogs at my heel
But a home nor a true love is never my lot
There’s naught but the chase when you’ve got the Black Spot

For a night or a week I may find some sweet girl
Then the lock will be changed and I’m out like a churl
And I’m sailing away with the turn of the tide
They’ve drained me and brained me and cast me aside

It starts with a whisper way back in the room
The shadows grow longer and thicken the gloom
Every crime is exposed that I’d hoped was forgot
And each hand that is offered will hold the Black Spot

And the Black Spot will follow wherever I go
Like the plague, like the night, a malevolent crow
I refused to obey and I wont be forgave
But I’ll not be mistaken for anyone’s slave
Now there’s no peace for me, there’s no island or cave
And my mates and my lovers lie under the waves
And one day there’s one final Black Spot on my grave.

Primal Pirate Prologues Part 1

In 1968, a group of American political revolutionaries called The White Panthers* , lived in a collective at 1510 & 1520 Hill St. Ann Arbor, MI.

Although they performed valuable civic services like bombing the regional office of the CIA, and spawning the MC5 and Iggy & the Stooges, they were harsh on the collective’s children; they forbade them to watch the corporate tool Bozo the Clown on the small black and white TV, forbade them eat the colorful and sugared cereals available to the general American Public, but instead fed them meagre portions of like, bulgar, forbade them from playing merrily in the realistic grenade crater they’d painstakingly dug in the front yard as a war protest, and administered other privations too numerous to mention.

One of the youngest, shanghaied members of this commune was the still-beardless Sugarbeard. And from him they took a treasured Story Album, because he’d driven them all insane with hundreds if not thousands of serial iterations of the Pirate Side with the turntable set on auto-return-and-repeat.

Wounds suffered in childhood swim deeply forever in the darkest fathoms of consciousness, dude

The Queen’s Revenge hereby restores this excellent if severely abridged version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Narrated by Sir Donald Wolfit, for the delectation of the arbiters of zeitgeist & in hopes of finding some kind of closure, like that’s even possible when thus traumatized by hippies

*”The White Panthers” was Huey P Newton’s Idea, but later they were “The Rainbow People’s Party” because maybe not Huey P Newton’s Best Idea