UNBROKE: yet another Pirate Rock Lyric by Sugarbeard

They’ve hung me and strung me in gibbets and chains
They’ve nailed me and jailed me in dungeons and drains
They’ve burned me and spurned me with exile and censure
But firstly they cursed me to live this adventure

They’ve slashed me and lashed me with the cat o’ nine tails
They’ve stripped me and whipped me and fed me to whales
They’ve slugged me and drugged me with stuff that I drank
I’ve been bled and beheaded and walked out the plank

But I’m fast and I stand
And I bow to no man
I’m a fistful of water
I burn ever hotter
I thrive on the lashes
I rise from the ashes
I’m subtle as smoke
And forever unbroke

I ignore them and gore them and cut them with wit
I shock them and clock them and never do quit
I flee them to free them for other pursuits
I’ll bail without fail and with no parachute

I gleam and I’m steam and I’m fog, I’m the dark
Their attacks and their racks leave no meaningful mark
I choose just to lose them, I take them in stride
Exhausted, they lost it, I’ve sailed with the tide.


I’ve lifted and shifted their assets and treasures
I’ve ripped off and shipped off to follow my pleasure
Distracted, they lacked the attention to notice
I’ve purloined their coin and I’ve eaten their lotus

I’ve stolen their purse and the nurse and the maid
I’m wearing their shoes and their noose and got laid
And they can’t find their pants or a roach left to toke
I’m a tease, I’m the breeze, I’m just fucking unbroke


Published by Nitro von Borax

The Mighty Arthammer of Rev. Nitro von Borax AKA Captain Sugarbeard strikes the Anvil of Universal Consciousness, forging Iconic Singularities of Metaphor in piratical performance, pen-and-ink, poetry, painting, prose, photography and pasquinian palaver.

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