Pirate Rock: A New Pirate Rock Song called Pirate Rock

If you’re lost and cast away
Washed up like a broken shell
Choose a Pirate Sobriquet
Please don’t bring the Zinfandel.
Meet me out at Pirate Rock
I’ll be there just after dark
Sail South from the City Docks
Follow all the other sharks

Join us out at Pirate Rock-
If you pass the killer whale
Try to charm the giant Oc
Topus that waves her tent
Acles, if you’re true she’ll let you through
But below the Wat’ry bones
Of false and venal fakers whom
She’s introduced to Davy Jones.

Pirate Rock: The tide that pulls
Rising from a sea so cold
Four volcanic rocky skulls
Howling cliffs with toothy shoals
Please ignore the beacon light
It’s a a trap for enemies
Seek the cave that’s black as night
Sail on in and bring some cheese

Tack to starboard then to port
There’s a hidden crater bay
It’s a Pirate’s last resort
Drop your anchor, straightaway
Meet me out at Pirate Rock
I’ll be there just after dark
Really, I’m here ’round the clock
Ever since I disembarked.

We stole this Rock for you
We did it for a reason
It’s what we wanna do
Revolt in blessed treason
Cast off the chains of caste
To thine own self be true
And welcome home at last
This Pirate Rock’s for you

Published by Nitro von Borax

The Mighty Arthammer of Rev. Nitro von Borax AKA Captain Sugarbeard strikes the Anvil of Universal Consciousness, forging Iconic Singularities of Metaphor in piratical performance, pen-and-ink, poetry, painting, prose, photography and pasquinian palaver.

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