Piracy at the LAGER HOUSE DETROIT 5/9

The QR will be at the Lager House in Historic Corktown, Detroit on May NINE 2023. AND YOU WILL BE THERE. Opportunities are limited for you to achieve this kind of enjoyment. Live your life ’til you’re dead, Swab. It might be $10. You can afford it. You need to get out more.

It’s just a Tuesday Night for us Rock Pirates, and this one features our friends Freedom from Concern providing a set of astounding postpunk excellence, and plus which Psychedelic Power Duo The Aromas, bracketing our Pirate Set of Original Pirate Rock (with several pirated cover songs).

The Lager House is located at 1254 Michigan Avenue in Detroit- just up the street from The Mercury Bar and Slows, and the marvelous boho boutique Eldorado .

The Lager house was founded in 1623, when Ma O’Spongiform opened the bar as a cover for the infamous Blue Cummerbund Gang. Ghosts are said to haunt the stage, including the spectre of Albert E. Cobo, Former Mayor of Detroit, lost and searching plaintively for his Hall.

We’ll see you there, or we’ll clap you in irons and see you walk the plank.

Published by Nitro von Borax

The Mighty Arthammer of Rev. Nitro von Borax AKA Captain Sugarbeard strikes the Anvil of Universal Consciousness, forging Iconic Singularities of Metaphor in piratical performance, pen-and-ink, poetry, painting, prose, photography and pasquinian palaver.

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