The Pirate Manifesto: 5 Principles of Piracy.

  1. Pirates don’t recognize, respect or reflexively obey conferred authority.
    Except as it be deemed advantageous or at least equitable, Pirates will pay little attention to Kings, Queens, CEOs, Ghosts, Wizards, or Celebrities. Even the Captain of the ship serves only at the crew’s command, as the Captain that serves the adventure best.
  2. Pirates don’t recognize caste.
    The bigger the Pirate Fleet the better. Pirates don’t see race, gender, religion, hair color, hat size, or quantity of limbs: if you’ll join the crew and fight by our side, you’re welcome aboard.
  3. Pirates are refugees and renegades.
    Pirates are arbitrarily persecuted by a flotilla of adversaries. Pirates have been dispossessed and disowned by agents of the dominant paradigm, enraged by the Pirate’s natural rebellious instinct for self-preservation and self-determination. Pirates fight, against all odds, because they are odd.
  4. Pirates may have unconventional methods of acquiring the Booty they need to sustain and flourish.
    Pirates don’t see Theft as differing substantially from Business, in the midst of this conflagration of end-stage capitalism and imperialism. Until you’ve assured that they’re well-fed, happy and in safe harbor, what’s yours might be theirs.
  5. Pirates live and die by The Pirate Code.
    To be clear, is NOT to be clearly understood whether there is One Pirate Code, or as many Pirate Codes as there are Pirates, so be careful in dealings with Pirates: they don’t care about your conventions, expectations, or rules. They’re Pirates.

Published by captainsugarbeard

Pirate Vocalist, Rude Musician & Primary Pirate Poet/Lyricist for The Queen's Revenge, a band of Pirates. Born Nitro von Borax in Detroit, MI circa 1680.

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