Here’s the Hook

I’ve a hook for a hand, it’s a dangerous part
But more dangerous still is the hook in my heart
She threw me a line and that’s all that it took
She caught and released me but left in the hook

The bait was so pretty, the lure was her lips
Snared in her fishnets and tossed from the ship
I’ve a hook for my hand, that’s a part that I lost
But the hook in my heart has a terrible cost

A hook for a hand is disarming and sharp
As my foes will attest with their horns and their harps,
But the hook in my heart is disaster and pain
It’s left me so wounded and mostly insane

If you reach for my hand it’s a cold piece of steel
It cannot caress you, there’s nothing it feels
If you reach for my heart? You’d best use a knife
A surgeon’s precision might just save my life

You choose to engage me? You’d best be on guard
I’m hardened, and calloused, and used to these scars
If I draw you in close on the point of my hook
Can you cut free this heart that another mistook?

Here’s the hook
It’s so much worse than it looks
And the secrets we keep
And the wounds are so deep
All the damage I took
And this terrible hook
And I’m bloody forsook
And here is the hook

Published by captainsugarbeard

Pirate Vocalist, Rude Musician & Primary Pirate Poet/Lyricist for The Queen's Revenge, a band of Pirates. Born Nitro von Borax in Detroit, MI circa 1680.

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