My Regal Wig

We are true, we are valiant
We’ve always been free,
For the beauty that’s tallied
Is more than we see,
And we take from the world
What she chooses to give,
For we wake and unfurl,
And the black flag’s a sieve
For to strain out the falsehoods
That hypocrites rig,
As they quake as they should
At the sight of my wig.

And we fly our own flags,
And we sail our own seas,
We’ve no ties, and no gags,
And no chains, only keys:
For we seek for adventure
To win what is ours,
And you’re one of us sure
If you look to the stars
For the sky is as high and
As deadly and big
As the terror inspired
By my regal wig

We are fierce, we are stunning
With cannons and swords
With our arms, with our cunning
we will vanquish our lords
For we’re rough and we’re fine
And we don’t give a fig,
For their crowns are a hole
Next to my regal wig

You admire my ferocious aspect, do you not?
Of course
And my Regal Wig, of course
I didn’t always have this…this
All this
I was like…you!
& then I woke up
Under a pitiless sun
I was half blind
My right hand was gone
I barely had a leg to stand on
For I’d been cast away. I was marooned
My best mates were dead
The ship sailed without me
I was condemned
Everything was a lie
And if I ever did make it home now
Across measureless oceans
I’d be gibbeted and hung
I had no booty
The gold I’d killed for was buried in an unknown place
And they burned the cursed map
I had no treasure just grievous injuries
And I was adrift and so alone
For even the parrot would not speak to me
So. I was standing hopeless in the crashing surf
It came in with the tide
I thought it was a Portuguese Man-O -War
It was my new wig.
I built a raft. I found a crew.
We stole this ship
The Queen’s Revenge
And so it is:

The treasure is buried
For those that will dig
And the magic I carry
Is under my wig
And the sea may be stormy
The albatross frig,
But the world lays before me
In my regal wig.

Published by captainsugarbeard

Pirate Vocalist, Rude Musician & Primary Pirate Poet/Lyricist for The Queen's Revenge, a band of Pirates. Born Nitro von Borax in Detroit, MI circa 1680.

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