The Sea Witch

When a Pirate’s spyglass is trained on the past;
His deeds and the things he’s not done:
That’s the Sea Witch, and all of the spells that she cast
That’s left him becalmed in the Sun:
On a sea that was still, with no sail and no mast,
In the dark of more Dungeons than one,
All the gold that was buried, his mates that have passed,
And the battles and scars from the guns

It’s onward to treasure
Be clever and free
And look to your pleasures
And watch what you see
The Sea Witch can show you
Some faraway dream
And it never was true
For it’s not what it seemed
So train now your glass
On the sea that’s ahead
For all days will pass:
Live your life ’til you’re dead.

All the love that he hoped for to prove with his sword,
To bring back a booty of jewels;
Those hopes were all dashed with no single reward,
For to hope is the treasure of fools.
He’ll stand there transfixed, with his duties ignored,
Looking back like there’s meaning, or rules:
For a Pirate, tomorrow is all that’s aboard,
And all his lost loves are now Ghouls.


He’ll be haunted and still as the ship nears the shoal,
And the enemy’s cannons are trained
On his chance to release from the Sea Witch his soul,
For she holds it in thrall with his brains.
It’s a whirlpool, his ship is not in his control,
The blood is all ice in his veins:
A Pirate can’t dare to regret what he stole,
For the past is the devil’s domain.


Published by captainsugarbeard

Pirate Vocalist, Rude Musician & Primary Pirate Poet/Lyricist for The Queen's Revenge, a band of Pirates. Born Nitro von Borax in Detroit, MI circa 1680.

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