The Queen’s Revenge

A Band of Pirates, formerly in service to Her Majesty, now planning nefarious actions in general and specific

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The Queen’s Revenge are a dangerous band of literal pirates living by an ethical code that is unfettered from conventional morality. Read the Pirated Lyrics which are not literally pirated if you wish to know their specific Pirate Code

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The Queen’s Revenge are a dangerous band of metaphorical pirates that recognize that literal pirates were pretty much 100% jerks, like most important people in history or modern politics

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The Queen’s Revenge have a lobster on a leash, are comfortable not defining their Davenports clearly as either sofa or desk, and fill their jelly donuts with creams of questionable nature. As such they are not to be trusted except when you understand their Pirate Code

  • There will be Poems
  • There will be Music
  • There will be Trouble

Why are there so few baked goods on the pirate ship?

A: Because of all the Pie Rats

About Us

Be warned, ye Swabs!
We are preparing to raid
Stages and various venues
and post videos and shanties

Get In Touch

Get in Touch

Unless you can find our secret Pirate Island,
Or send us a message in a bottle
Or a Carrier Parrot
Try: nitrovonborax@gmail.com
Pirates don’t have Phones

Drop By

Our Secret Pirate Island
if you can find it.
Sail south from England
until the whales
attack, then east until
you see the setting sun.

Everything is copyright 2021 Nitro von Borax and the Queen’s Revenge